Leah Santos

Broker / Agent

Leah Santos, Principal of South Florida Group of Companies. Has a history of building successful real estate organizations and relationships within the Miami community. Leah has lived in Miami since she was 3 and knows Miami as good as anyone. She speaks fluent Spanish and is a tough negotiator....

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Kathy Critch, EdD, PREO, NAPW

Platinum Real Estate Agent

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Client Care Coordinator

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Alfonso Perez

Senior Loan Officer

6705 Red Road, Ste. 508 Coral Gables, FL 33143

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Jay Mattocks

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Rafael Carabano

Licensed RE Professional for the Latin Community

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Jhon Pelaez

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Bryan Ball

Investor / Realtor

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Investor's Corner

  • FHA will keep funding flipsFor the second year in a row, the Federal Housing Administration is extending a temporary waiver of its "anti-flipping" rule, meaning homebuyers relying on FHA-insured financing will continue to be ab...

Miami Home Foreclosures

Market Snapshot

Miami, Florida

Market Snapshot
Homes and Condos Listed: 6489
Month-On-Month Change: 0.00%

Average List Price: $457,575
Month-On-Month Change: 0.00%

Average Price / Sq. Ft.: $299.325
Month-On-Month Change: 0.00%

Avg. Price by Bedrooms:
1 Bedroom: $288,708
2 Bedroom: $391,444
3 Bedroom: $428,105
4 Bedroom: $670,464

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